Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chains Rattlin'

My day got away from me yesterday. We are having some rehab done in the house, which seems to be an ongoing project. Our house is coming up on it's twentieth birthday and in Florida that's a very old house. Nothing lasts. Even the screen on our pool cage, which was knocked down during hurricane Charlie in 2005, is rotted from the sun in just six years. Just like with us, things start to sag. I spent quality time with the contractors and therefore didn't finish up appliquing the
remainder of this quilt top until almost Jeopardy! time (7:30 eastern time). Then came DWTS
and my paper scissors, my fabric scissors, tweezers and a seam ripper along with my loveseat, pillow and Bella.

I first cut the backing fabric, and pull out the paper, The places where the rings intersect have five layers of stuff; backing fabric and two layers of fabric and freezer paper. I refuse to cut paper with my Dovo scissors so it takes longer to switch constantly but I am in no hurry.
This is the fun part, because it involves no thinking whatsoever!!!

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