Monday, March 19, 2012


Susie, a girlfriend of mine got together several girls to go on a boating excursion to see some sights and have a little fun. It was more than a little fun. We had a ball! We took beverages and snacks and gabbed to beat the band. There was one thing that stood out though; the darling dolphins. We have often seen them in our back yard here but nothing like out in the water with a wake. They love it.

My camera numbers each picture in each grouping and the first picture I took of the outing was a group shot (minus myself who took it) and the number was 61. I can't show the picture for fear of my life (lots of opened mouths and a gal in witness protection, or so she says). The last picture of a dolphin I took was 138. So, doing the math, I took 77 pictures, and only 14 actually had dolphins in the shot. I do not blame my camera; I blame my not so speedy trigger finger. The more we clapped and hooted the more they 'preformed' for us. Their energy is amazing. They can follow the boat, showing off to their hearts content for several minutes. It looked like they travelled in family units, always with a couple small ones. There is a certain way you attract them in a boat. You go fast for a bit and when you spot a dorsal fin you drop down to 10 mph. They love to follow the wake. It was a grand afternoon.


Miracles said...

It's one of the highlights of living down here. Dolphins dancing for our pleasure!

spikemuffin said...