Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Power

Our electricity went off (ours and 850 other homes) this morning so we didn't do the normal coffee drinking, dinking around on the computer but went straight out for our morning exercise. It's weird to be done so early. It's nicer tho' when it's not so hot.
I went shoppin' and was looking at some pictures I took and realized that there was a prominent theme that must have been on my mind. Most of the pics were flower related.
This framed piece is made out of hand cut paper and the center is a stone/gem of some sort.
These are acrylic napkin rings that are also little vases. I had to have these.
I love this daisy lamp and it was outside!!
Love love love this little tub; it's only about 48" long. Maybe for a child?
Inside the same store as the daisy lamp were these langing cabbage rose shades. Very pleasing to look at.

I'm excited!!! I am going to the Venice Guild quilt show tomorrow!!!

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I like it when you go shopping.
I love to see what you find and it removes the temptation for me to shop - and possibly buy things I don't need and don't have room for.