Thursday, March 01, 2012

Group Quilt

Hey, I have a question; can I take a photograph off Pinterest and split it up for a group quilt and ultimately, make another group quilt?

I was thinking of doing another group quilt. If anyone has a great photo that would be splitable for this, wanna share it?

I am open to suggestions.


Irene said...

No picture but there is a big controversy with pinterest about copyright , etc. probably not the best place. But I bet you have a great picture in your blog somewhere.

I currently have a broken arm and not real functional on the keyboard right now or I would look.

But I should be healed soon and want to do this again. Sign me up please!

Love you for doing this, Irene

Cosmos said...

If you want to use a photo from Pinterest, make sure you trace it back to its owner and get permission to sue.

Susan Turney said...

Tommy, this is the article that is going around about Pinterest.