Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kitchen Dodads

I did a little shopping yesterday. I first went to a restaurant supply store, that while not the best one I have ever been to, it still manages to have things that I need (want) and can't live without.
The basic problem with more kitchen paraphernalia is where to put it. I already have a place I keep my half sheet pans and quarters so these new quarters will fit right in. I got one that is perforated on the bottom to see if I can justify it's purchase before buying one for up north.
I have needed a new chinoise for quite a while. This condiment container is exactly like the
one I have up north but it has five compartments instead of the three I already have. This will be perfect to have along side my hotdog steamer. Let's see, saurkraut, chili, onions, cheese, sport peppers, and pickle in this one and catsup, mustard and relish in the three parter. Add some ice tea spoons and it's party time!!!
These individual french onion soup crocks and zoomy ramekins are going back up north with me.

I left that store and headed to Macy's kitchen department (the mood of the day, I guess) and ended up with a olive oil mister,
wonderful new biscuit cutters, and a crazy new contraption for cutting garlic that I have never
seen before. You open this little disc with a couple razor sharp blades in it and drop in a peeled garlic clove and roll it back and forth on the counter.
It's perfect when you need only a clove or two, rather than get out the mini processes. It really works but you can't put much in it at a time. Trust me, I tried,

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I need a bigger house will have a walk-in pantry the size of a bedroom.