Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Linkin Park

After I got home from dinner out with the girls, I finished up the paper removal of the quilt top. It took me about six easy tv watching hours over two days to remove it all.

I just took it down from the window. I tape it up to see if I missed any paper at all. It may seem like if I have to go to that much trouble to find miniscule pieces, why bother but when you are quilting and come upon paper, that's not the time to stop and remove it. I found one little spot and that was all. There are some places where it looks like paper but those are the links that are double because they are the ones that are three dimensional (or is that two dimensional?) They are two links sewn together, wrong sides together and then when I went to sew them down, I didn't sew the whole link, but just partial. What would that be?

I am off to Venice to visit and play with my friend Pam. We are gonna make a day of it.