Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Style Papillote

Happy Birthday Claudia.

I have had scallops in my freezer for a month or so that are as big as my fist. I figured, what with lent and all (G honors it; I don't) I would thaw them out and create something out of them. That was still the plan when the guys caught all the fish. I decided to steam the fish so I did that for Thursday's dinner and flash freeze the rest. The scallops were still there, thawed. Hummmmm. A friday lunch out was planned and at the last minute we girls decided to have it at my house instead. Down here in Florida, it is very difficult to get a spot at a restaurant in season without a reservation. Typically, we didn't have a reservation. Scallops to the rescue.
Onto parchment paper (cut in an oval) I piled scallops (cut into fourths to steam evenly), par cooked thin slices of purple potatoes, shrimp, minced garlic, mushrooms, chives, lemon slices, s &p, and a pat of butter.
I sealed up the parchment by starting at one end and folding over twice, crisply, following around the curve until the end. Sometimes I just staple it shut (for G and me) but it looks better if you take the time and do it right. These can be done ahead so all you have to do is pop them in the oven
at 400ยบ for twenty to twenty five minutes (depending on the size of your protein). Pair it up with a nice cold white wine and some garlic bread and you have yourselves a party!!!

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