Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Paper Chase

So I am nosing around my girlfriend Pam's studio and spy this massive roll of paper. It's girth isn't what caught my eye; it was the fact that it was 36" tall! The paper I use is only 24" which calls for a lot of scotch tape. I was drooling and she even offered it to me. She is such a sweetie. I just wanted to know where she got it. The newspaper printing place (I know there is a better way of saying that but it escapes me) is where, she said and I said, could we go there and I could get my own? Within ten minutes we were there; and not just there, we were in the back room
where they keep the newsprint paper. I was in awe. This is just one shot of the rolls. There were rolls to each side of me and in the back.

This is Pam and she is a good head taller than me and she is dwarfed by the paper rolls. It was really cool to be behind the scene of the thriving metropolis newspaper (I just made that up, pretending for a second that I was Lois Lane).
Here is one of the two rolls the sweet kid gave me. He gave me two because they weren't real big. They are ends of the big rolls that don't contain enough paper to continue the run. I now have one for Florida and one for home. Thanks Pam!
And this must mean something; we had lunch right across from the newspaper offices, which was miles and miles from the printing place. I loved the building and the cool oblong shapes in the front promenade.

You have nothing to lose by going to your local paper printing place and asking for the ends of the newsprint rolls. If you can't use them you could make a day of it and distribute them to local schools with some boxes of crayons; too bad I thought of that only after I had my two rolls safely in the trunk of Pam's car, speeding to a ladies lunch. You can do it for me.


Anonymous said...

I've done that, a whole car load of newprint ends. In fact, they were outside the printery in a container up for the grabs. It was fun and of course free. I still have rolls from that 1 trip years ago.

Miracles said...

What a great idea.

Beth in TN said...

My dad was in charge of the press at a newspaper and we always had end rolls of newsprint to draw on. That paper is THE best for washing windows with too! If you thought it was impressive to see the rolls stacked, you ought to go sometime when the press is running. Some newspapers will charge a small fee if they have to pay for the cores that the paper is rolled on.

Pammyfay said...

The end rolls are also great if you're moving. Beats paying for the boxed paper they sell at UHaul and other places and for wrapping things you don't want to use the printed newspaper on (today, there's much less ink ruboff, but it still happens).

The rolls can be heavy, tho -- so give the pressroom workers a nice smile so they'll take them out to your car for you!

Frieda said...

My son works at that newspaper. Be sure and read that paper and look for Zac Anderson.