Monday, March 05, 2012


I went out to lunch with girlfriends on Saturday and did all sorts of bumming around. We dined at a marina
and had lots of eye candy to look at. This vintage boat named Freedom (the one farthest from view) was built in the 20's and is 104 feet by 20 feet. She is the sister ship of one used by nine presidents until being sold by Gerald Ford in the seventies. The yacht was not always as pristine as it now is. It was found in a boat yard in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005, rusted and rotting and was restored or rather resurrected. It took 14 men four years to make her sea worthy; oh, yeah, and more than six million to do it too. What a beauty it is. We were trying to think of anything to get on board. My friend Kathy suggested saying that she thought she left her broom on board (cleaning crew or witch?). I can't imagine the work it takes to maintain a yacht like that. Wow.

We happened upon a new dog store named Woof Gang Bakery. What a mighty fine store it
is. All the canine food is human friendly and you too can eat it up. Take a look at this spread!! You could spend a fortune on your little furry friend!!
I mean, regular bakeries aren't as snazzy as this one. Check out the chandelier ! I didn't know such places existed. I guess I need to get out more,


Anonymous said...

we have the same dog bakery here in palm beach...'cmon over to this side gals!

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