Friday, March 23, 2012

Stay on the Path

The group quilt spots filled up very quickly so if you haven't heard back from me, you didn't contact me in time. The parts of the big picture (each quilters piece to recreate and quilt) have been sent out, along with batting, backing and instructions. Today I will email instructions, much the same as I sent with their packets. I have decided to do my portion this next week so that I don't have an elephant on my back. I can easily use the six weeks to get all worked up and I refuse to be that person (at least this time!) None of the group except me and the person I got the photo from, knows what the whole picture is, just their part. It's more fun that way. I used a new software program called Perfect Resize that works in Photoshop (which I know nothing about) and managed to make a normal photo as large as 72 wide by 34 high with very little change. It made a world of difference in the finished photo. We now don't need to decide whether to make it blurry or clear!!! I think all ten of us will be grateful for that.

And yes, it's been a couple months and the brother in law is still here. I made him go with us to a dinner party last night. I couldn't have done that in January. I tease and say that I should be put up for saint hood but really, when I am home I am in my studio, which is a separate building connected by a lanai. I don't have to be underfoot so it really isn't so bad. The studio is probably the reason I can safely say I will celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary this year. It's all about my space, ya know? I wouldn't care if it was a garage, just so I can call it mine space. It the beginning of my quilting, it was a closet. Whatever works.

While I struggle with my 'links' quilt, I will finish up with these 'life path' photos.

I don't get this one. Why go at all when you just come right back?
San Fran?
This brings up the bile in my throat.
I wanna be on a bike (not my kind but an old fashioned one with fenders and a basket) but not necessarily riding it; maybe have it on it's kickstand on the side of the road while I have a little picnic of wine and cheese and a good loaf of french?

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Robbie said...

got the email and can't wait to see what we're doing!