Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take These Chains

My blogging has taken a hiatus for a couple days. I am back now. Sometimes I just have to let it go and walk away for a bit.

The kids have headed home and the house is relatively quiet (my brother in law is still in residence). They left with the temperature around 82º here and tomorrow in Chicago is is supposed to be 79º. They have pretty much missed winter this year, unless it's gonna be a late one. More times than not, the weather is very manageable this year. I remember one winter it got down to 23 below. That stuff doesn't happen in the Chicagoland area anymore. It's almost hard to find a week when you can make a snowman!!!! Violet doesn't know what she's missing.

FINALLY, I have finished the project that I started when my quilting buddies were here. It was the seven remaining quilt tops to assemble that I cut out in November to make ONE!!! As I have said before, it is a very complicated cutting and piecing job so I had decided to do it in multiples so that when I was doing it, I would know what the heck I was doing in multiple. Now, after three weeks of it, I can proudly say that I will NEVER tackle this quilt again.
This is a shot of the seven quilt tops pieced, ironed and stay-stitched, with the backing and binding already cut and ready. These will go home with me in the spring and I will quilt them on my fancy scmanchy sewing machine up north (any excuse to drop the ball on this project until a later time!)
After putting those projects in the 'Home' cabinet, I decided to take up a project I started last year, using it as a segue to my next group of art quilts I have on my brain. I have loved making these ' Chain, chain, chain' designs but in the past I have fused and then top stitched them down. That worked well if I stretched them over a wooden frame but for regular quilt preparation, the end result was less than exacting. I had decided to change up the construction last year and cut tons of 'links' out of freezer paper. My construction method is simple; I tear off enough freezer paper to get four links drawn (using a mylar pattern) on it and then cut a bunch of sheets the same size. I draw the links on the top sheet and then pile up six or so layers under it and staple inside the drawn shape. I cut the four apart and staple a little more. Then, with both scissors and rotary cutter I cut the freezer paper as exacting as I can. I remove the staples and iron to fabric. I trim to a quarter inch and clip the inside top and bottom oval. I use a paint brush and spray starch on the inside first, and iron it down and then follow up doing the same with the outside. The picture shows the ironed and trimmed in the center, the spray starched iron job on the left and the same but just turned over on the right. I have about fifteen more to finish up before I start the composition on the design wall. That will happen today. Yeah!!!!

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Miracles said...

I want to see you doing that freezer paper, staple, iron, cut process.