Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch Your Step

We had a little get together after dog park yesterday and talked about crazy stuff. For some reason we got on the topic of ovens. My story was being at a friends house for a cocktail party and she turned on the oven to preheat to heat up some appetizers that were delivered. A few minutes later all hell broke loose. Even though she had been in the house for months, she had never taken the instructions, temp probe, etc, out. The plastic wrapping and tape holding it all down on a rack was melted. Very embarrassing!!! Another story was the time Lincoln had guests over and was making baked apples. He poured rum over them and put them in the oven. Not much longer the oven blew up, with the door hanging off hinges! The dinner party had to be moved down the street!!!

We gabbed about customs and how, like a police car when you are driving, you somehow always feel guilty. Have you ever gone to claim anything coming in the country and not felt like you were gonna get caught for something? Even if you didn't even buy anything, it's still there. I can feel my carefree look wanting to take over at that time; Search anything, I have nothing to hide! It's funny how we all think the same way.

Back to the paths.
This picture didn't have any description with it but I am guessing it's Lombard Street in SF. I've been on it, and was glad I wasn't driving.
How do you even construct something like this? I remember right after we were married and we were in the Alps in Switzerland and so high up that we were above the clouds with no guard rail that would stop anything from going over. I closed my eyes and tried to get mentally ready for my demise. Gordon was a better driver than I thought!!!!
Nobody better mess with this path!!! It is almost impossibly beautiful.
This one? Not so much. I don't gasp when I see it.
Same with this one, although I like this one better. It looks like the crew that worked on it was in the habit of drinking their lunch. The last one almost looked phony, like it was spliced in photoshop. I don't know where these 'paths' came from so I am not sure how authentic they all are. I like to view them tho'.


Anonymous said...

The train tracks on the bridge should make you gasp. Looks like sand beneath those columns.

I've been on the roads through the Swiss Alps to Italy....we never drove in the dark....always found an abode by 6pm.

Miracles said...

Love the flower path, but not the train tracks on a beach.

Maya said...

The last one looks like the Road to Hana on Maui. That was one bumpy ride!