Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Next?

I got the word that the large blowup of a picture is completed and the guy said it looks clearer than he thought it would. He is sending it to me and if he's right I will be sending out sections and rules to those that have shown an interest in joining in another group quilt. I have scoured
Quilts. com to see when the deadline is this year to see if we can do it with that deadline in mind. I could not find the info.

The current quilt is slow going. In order not to pull my hair out and scrap the whole project,

I have taken it slow. The ones on the top are sewn down (with paper still under it). The taped ones go next and the ones that aren't connected to each other yet are just being auditioned. To give you a size reference, the background is about 57" square and the links each measure in at 6" wide and 10 1/2" tall.

I have tons of these beautiful examples of 'life paths' and thought I would show you a few a day until they are all shown.
I think I would be afraid that I would be buried alive when traveling this way.
This makes me queasy just looking at it.
This is an interesting walk way. I love the color of the water.
I want to be in the picture walking between the rails. Breathtaking!!

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Robbie said...

Guess I was too busy playing with our newest member of the family and missed the post on the group quilt. If someone backs out and you need another to fill in, just let me know. I'm game a 2nd time around!