Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winding Road

The group quilt is on!! I got the photo back from enlarging and am going to send out the packets today to the participants so I can get them all back in six weeks. The time constraint is to see if we can get the finished work into Houston like we did last time. Because I am not giving months to do it like last time (too much procrastination time anyway, is my way of thinking) a couple original participants are taking a pass. Therefore I have slots for two more quilters to do a section of a ten section quilt. The individual sections are about seven by 32 inches with a lot of plain color in the 32" part. It will be first come first to fit the slot. I need your snail address too.

This looks like it was something out of the Twilight series!!!
Could you ever do this? Not I.
This is my favorite. I want the compound on the right so that I can have a separate studio and the little place can be for my brother in law WHO IS STILL HERE!!!!
Just another place that you would never run into me.

I am always amazed at what gets built. Who thinks of these things and even if they do, how do they get people to work on them?


spikemuffin said...

Viva Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, someone overstayed his welcome!!!!

carolph said...

Have you filled the spots or am I too late? Also wondered if I had missed the picture for the project? Just thought maybe I should have a better idea of what I might be getting into. What would be the due date for the finished project?