Monday, April 16, 2012

Back On Point

I finally clipped all the shadowing fabric that I could and pinned the quilt top for quilting.
It is very slow because I have to stop, pivot and try not to have stitch that looks out of place on the curve. I have my work cut out for me because I have done four rings and have another fifty or more to do. It's always amazing to me, how much quilting gives a piece so much character. I am going to do it in baby steps.

Also, I am going back to the drawing board, and will try once again to dye my background fabric for my aquatic piece. I got some great tips from friends and feel better about what I did wrong in the first place. I went to our storage shed, where I have big sheets of wood that I should have used as the base for my dyeing rather than just having them on the grass but they are too big and unyielding so I put a call into my man G (he went north for the White Sox opener) and he is gonna send over a manly man to get them out for me. Pretty pathetic, I know.

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Miracles said...

You put a call in to 'G' and he takes care of it....beautiful