Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I have 90% of my portion of the group quilt done. I would have completed it, if it hadn't been for the tree in my section. I have tried to do it in many ways and I know that free motion would have been the ticket, but I just can't manage that so I have reverted to more creative (for me) ways. Today will be the day I wrap up this project. Yeah!!!
This is a photo I took of the TV screen last night of Naomi Watts and Ed Norton in the 'Painted Veil'. It is a sad but visually spectacular movie; the scenery is magnificent! I want that parasol.

I am as happy as a clam that my granddaughter can have a mild winter but this wonderful weather (mostly) is not doing my yard any favors. I have several gardenia plants and normally
I have tons of blossoms but this year, this is it. That is all that has bloomed. I hear that everything up north is budding. My gal Jayne just returned from frolicking in Arizona over the winter and said her yard is a bloomin'. Hey, Gore, what's going on?


Anonymous said...

And Mr.Gore answered, "it's President Obama's fault!!!"

You can get that Parasol in Japan. Some Japanese women use them in the summer to protect their 'pale' complexion from instantly turning brown. Brown is equated with the colour of the labourer, outdoor worker and is thus undesirable.

Miracles said...

Gordon is so very smart