Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dress It Up!

I was looking at some of my recent dye jobs and overdyeing came to mind.   I  remembered a dress that I overdyed with the help of Carol Soderlund last fall.  At the time it seemed very logical and I took copious notes so I asked myself; can I do it on my own?  We shall see.

Back to the dress.  I wore this dress a couple times and the last time was at a wedding out side in the summer with an over 100º temps.  It was a long time ago; the couple that got married have three children now.
 The dress was hand painted and I pitted it, baking in the sun and it discolored under the arms.  So, I took it to my dye class at the Crow Barn and Carol said yes, we can overdye this because it was 100% silk on the inside and 100% cotton on the outside.
It dyed perfectly.  It did not however solve the initial problem; The pits still looked crummy.
I was mostly concerned with the fact that I had to do a washout and would it ruin the beading on the dress.
It did take off some of the paint on the gold beads and I did lose a few beads but not enough to even notice.
  What I did notice while checking out the beading is that where the pits got discolored was the painted part so I got myself some gold paint and painted over the damaged parts.  The dress is like new.  I even tried it on to  make sure the laundromat where I did the washout didn't shrink it.  All turned out well.  By the way, I took the original dress to China and had them remake it in a lovely turquoise silk.  Now I have two!!!!


Carol S said...

Congratulations on the touch up! What an inspired idea. That dress looks so gorgeous on you, and I love the new color even more than the old one.

Miracles said...

Great job on the over-dye and gold touch up. It's awesome you had the forethought to take the dress with you on your trip to China. I like drop waist style dresses. The high front and low back is so Audrey Hepburn! Love worth the effort to rescue that dress!

Anonymous said...

Yummy dress on a yummy person.