Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Eggstra Special

My darling daughter has had some travel dilemma's lately. Last week she was on her way to Dallas for a deposition and after hours, ended back in Chicago due to weather. She tried again on Monday, and yesterday had to stop work because of the vicious tornado. She couldn't get out of Texas and so is still there. As my brain works, I suggested a very large and expensive dinner on her expense account. It's how a mother thinks.

Do you ever do this stuff? I am

picking up this workbook and others like it just about every time I sit down with nothing in mind to do. I am always amazed at how I can do the math ones easiest. I have always been terrible in math. In fact, I took the only required math class for an Art major in college the last semester of my last year!!! I started doing these mind problems after I was in Cabo with a bunch of friends and one of them had that Nintendo DS (?) and was playing brain games and I thought, I want one of those, and then thought I should start with a booklet first. Wise choice. I would still not have gotten around to reading the user directions on the other gadget!!!!

Let's talk eggs. I had a girlfriend over yesterday (professional chef) and we were talking about eggs. 'Tis the season and all that. One thing led to another and she said she had never heard of baking eggs to get hard boiled ones (350ยบ for 30 minutes; just put the eggs on the rack). She said whenever she knows she is going to be making hard boiled eggs, she would go and buy them a month early. Old eggs supposedly work better. My baking them takes so much less foresight. Do I actually know I am doing deviled eggs a month ahead? Anyway, both work. I suggest that you put a sheet pan in the stove too, in case you plunked an egg down too hard and it breaks. Not good in a clean oven.

Taking the shell off is always hit or miss. Adding a little baking soda to the boiling water changes the ph and makes the shells come off easier. Something I just learned on Pinterest is to just cut the hard boiled egg in half; the shell slides right off. That other way of taking the top and bottom shell off and blowing the shell off works too, but it upsets my head equilibrium. much like blowing the egg out of a raw egg.

Speaking of blowing the egg out of the shell, you can sterilize the shell and then fill it with soft warm chocolate for your own Easter concoctions. You can be the Easter bunny!!!


Anonymous said...

I never knew about the baking soda trick. I'll try it the next time I make deviled eggs!

Miracles said...

I don't like the smell of eggs!