Monday, April 23, 2012


I have been at blogger for over an hour and not accomplished anything. I have been unable to open blogger for two days and when I could open it this morning, I found out why. The whole format has changed and it took me a very frustrating time to figure out what was going on. I am going to try this one more time and then call it quits. Why can't they just leave a good thing alone? Blogspot has been running smoothly for quite some time; that must be an alarm for them to go and change everything!!!

Yes, my soda ash was not soda ash.  I am guessing it was urea but I just threw it away.  It doesn't look like my other urea; it's much finer in texture.  I have pretty much lost interest in the dyeing anyway.  I tried so many times and now it is so windy that I can't do it outside and have no place to do it inside.  I will put that off for another time.  I did get a few great aqua pieces that are in the wash but not the total effect I envisioned.  I am fine with it.

I finally mastered the online downloading of books from the library.  It took me two visits to the library to talk it through the library guru.  I just can't do it from my mac.  I can actually download directly from my iPod Touch, my iPhone and my iPad but not the computer.  Go figure.  It is truly amazing.  I no longer have to get the disks from the library and download each one to my computer and then sync them to my traveling device.  Check it out at your library.  It's the best way to multitask!!

Listening to a book while tackling this quilting was a godsend.
I can only do so many rings at a sitting because it is not easy and takes lots of concentration and ripping out.  I am very pleased and think I may get it completed today or tomorrow.  I took all your advice and kept the four two dimensional pieces and just did the quilting by hand.  I had no trouble with three of them but this aqua one, smack in the center of the
quilt gave me some aggravation; I could see some dark background that my eye constantly went to so finally I bit the bullet
and undid the half that was bugging me and faced it and now it looks fine.  

We have less than two weeks left down south and I wanted to make lots of Pasteles with my friend Millie to take up north to my daughter and her hubby that love them so much.  Last time we made them there were parts that Millie prepped without me (we live some distance apart) but this time we are doing the whole process here and under her tutelage I will take notes so that I can make them myself if I choose to.  We are prepping on Thursday and assembling on Friday.  Yeah!!!!


Anonymous said...

The quilt; especially the aqua ring, looks FANTASTIC...due to all your hard work, stewing, doing, undoing,redoing; very, very well done.

You make my head spin with all your activities, honest to God Almighty. I have to drink a Red Bull just to get through your blog of achievements.


Miracles said...

I agree with the previous poster. I have to lay down and rest after reading your blog because I become exhausted just reading what you do in a day.

We'll take pictures of pastele making production.