Monday, April 09, 2012

Holy Moly Monday

I hope everyone had a great Passover and Easter. I literally cooked my way through half of Friday, all of Saturday (except for a little socializing) and Sunday until my eleven guests arrived at my door at 5 p.m.

I took some random pictures and you are gonna have to humor me and look at them.
I had no idea how labor intensive braised short ribs were. It was my first time making them and now, in hindsight, I can see where a few steps could have been combined. That's how we learn, right? The flavor packet you see here is thyme, bayleaf, rosemary and the vessel, two stalks of celery.
All these little short ribs had to be tied. I ordered the ten pounds of short ribs on Monday and asked the butcher to cut them across the rack, as apposed to along the bone, so there 3 two inch bones in every piece. When G went to retrieve the meat,the order wasn't even filled, and while he waited, (not having any idea that I ordered a different cut) they filled the order and filled it wrong. We called but just got the run around (Publix's) and the guy said he didn't have enough but grudgingly said he would check other stores. We asked him to call us but of course, we never heard from him. G is gonna visit the store today, ya know, just to say 'hi'.

The time element for making the ribs and the hunter sauce is that it takes over seven hours of various steps and because of the quantity, I had to do it twice because the two pots couldn't both fit in the oven and I only have one oven down here. I do have a combo microwave/convection oven, but that would involve reading the directions on how to use it, and that just wasn't gonna happen. It was a labor of love and it was a very big hit. The mascarpone parmesan polenta went perfect with the meat and sauce. I added a large quantity of oyster mushrooms at the very last minute.
Why I took a picture of the vegetables when I was putting them in the oven, I don't know. They turned out perfect. The parsnips are my favorite.
My banana tarte tatin didn't work out so well because I only have the individual tart pans that have a removable bottom and it didn't work so I compromised and cooked little nuggets of puff pastry and served it in a martini glass with caramel sauce, banana sabayon and whipping cream. All the components but lacking the shape. It worked just fine and probably better looking.
This was the table before anyone came. When the first doorbell rings I start running around like a chicken with her head cut off and forget to take pictures so no food completion pics. I need to hire a professional helper for times like these. Would that be too weird, even for me?
I did get one pic of Millie modeling the deconstructed caesar salad. She looks very Easterly, doesn't she?
G's parish priest, Father Carosella, was the eleventh guest. He came armed with this beautiful glass swan filled with gardenia's he picked from his yard. No, I don't get to keep the swan. It will be returned to him tonight when G takes the dinner I am cooking for him. The gardenias will stay here, floating in my glass bowl.


Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds exhausting. I didn't have to cook at all this year and I must say - it was very nice! Your meal sounds delicious and I'm sure it was yummy! Kudos to you!

Miracles said...

Everything was magnificent. Another outstanding dinner party! You rocked it Tommygirl