Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's A Dog's Life

I had a Splashy Yappy Hour yesterday after dog park. It was quite the hour. The dogs were the stars, for sure. We couldn't stop watching their weird reactions to each other and the pool.
The big dogs were the stars. They each had a ball and one, Levi, (dark top dog) talked to the ball and paced the deck and finally walked down the steps and then swam to his ball. Cooper, the bottom dog in this picture will go into the gulf every day and swim, but in a pool, even with the steps, will not go in the pool. We fought for him and cheered him on but he could never take the plunge. Salty Dog, (in the middle) the tennis ball girl, would go right in and bring the ball back, always wanting someone to fight him for the ball (NOT).
Who's gonna get the ball? These dogs only go for their own balls.
There was an intermission where ice cream was brought from my pal Susie for all the dogs.
Salty Dog ate hers and then when done with hers, proceeded to check out the status of Jasmine's frosty paws
and when she looked the other way, stole hers. Finally, my Bella The Ball,
took twice as long to eat hers; always the lady. The little dogs have no interest in the pool. We had a couple other little dogs that came after my photo interest wained. They just prowled the deck. It was a good time to be had by humans and canines.

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Miracles said...

What a great visit. The doggies were the guests of honor!