Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Little Of This

My poor friend Kathy is in the hospital with a broken pelvis but she shared her gorgeous daughter

Kim with me. She came for a visit and to get her Mom and Dad's stuff together along with the dog and the car. They will all eventually end up with Mom in New York. Kim lives in Atlanta and took a side trip there to check on her house. She has been in Florence studying leather (for purses, etc) for three months and has to check things out.
We were sitting on the lanai and looking at her purse (a new Fendi she had to have in Italy!)
that looked like it was climbing off the counter. It was a miracle that it stayed upright. This picture doesn't capture the precarious position like it was in real life.
At Easter dinner we were chatting about wearing jewelry all the time or not. I said that once the day progresses my fingers swell and then I can't get my rings off. Joyce took her ring off and showed me the way her jeweler rigged up a interior thingy that opens to ease the ring off. I am for sure gonna have this done. I had never seen anything like it.
Micky sent me a picture of this pillow and said she thought of me when she saw it. Wonder why?

Nicole, my friend and my friend Nancy's daughter, sent me this picture of her darling son sitting on a pig bench that would look perfect in my front garden. I was hoping she was traveling in a truck but no such luck.

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Miracles said...

Kim is beautiful. Email me the hospital address so I can send Kathy a card.
Love the expand-o-ring.
I can't cope with failed uploads, downloads.
You'll have that quilt done in no time!