Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was completely screwed up yesterday. I have been scheduled for a sandblasting of my face yesterday and have had to go through hoops to not go in the sun for a week after the procedure when, after my last power walk in a week (or so I thought) I come home to a message that my dermotologist had to fly to Pennsylvania for a family emergency. Great. I had people lined up to come over and take Bella from me and take her to dog park along with other in house activities. I was so befuddled by the switch. I am just now getting my head around moving the date to next week.
I am back at the dyeing of the aquatic background. I had this piece batching (without plastic on top) until it dried in the sun and this is what it
looks like after washout. I think I may need to take my guru's advice and put plastic on top of it too. It takes awhile for me to get the hint. Oh, well.


Mechelle said...

that is so weird, I have dyed lots of fabric that way and they always turn out great! FL has plenty of heat for it to batch really quick, almost looks like it didn't have enough soda ash....sorry!!

Deb said...

I agree, looks like lack of soda ash is the problem. With that much dye on the fabric, it certainly should have more color in the resulting piece. Soak the fabric in a soda ash solution (1/2 cup to 1 gallon water) before adding the dye. You probably already know all of that, but just in case you've forgotten which still happens to me on occassion. I've got bunches of dye rags that started out with dye that I forgot the "add soda ash" stage. I've also had fabric that I thought was soaked in soda ash before adding the dye and turns out it wasn't. So lots of places that the soda ash can be left out by mistake.

Miracles said...

I know nothing about this dyeing process, but I have a question. Could Florida weather over the summer have changed product potency?

Anonymous said...

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