Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speaking of Hair

When my daughter Maggie was little she got a lamb cake from her aunt every Easter. When her aunt was out of the picture, G and I took over. When Maggie met her then boyfriend Evan, I whispered in his ear that Maggie likes a lamb cake on Easter. He faithfully provided one each year and also in the years since their marriage. Two years ago, Maggie and Evan got a lamb cake pan from Santa. Having Violet in the picture put the spotlight for the lamb cake on her and so, being the wonderful aunt that Maggie is, she started the production of the lamb cake.This was Violet's lamb cake for her first Easter. The cake barely survived the walk over to their house but here it is in all it's melted glory.

Up next?
This year, the lamb survived much better. I am questioning the attempt for a coconut jelly bean landscape. They may want to re think that. What about some of that fake grass?

I think that Uncle Evan must have been telling a dirty Easter Bunny joke by the expression on our little Violet's face. Her hair is starting to lose its red. I knew it wouldn't last. Peter was a redheaded baby but was a towhead by the time he was 18 months old. He remained blond until high school and then it just got more and more brown. Except for eventual greying, I think his hair is gonna remain this color. Violet will probably end up with brown hair like her parents.


Robbie said...

I thought our family were the only ones who had a lamb cake for Easter!!! Although, now with us wintering in sunny Fl. it's up to my daughter...but she's not kept the tradition up that much! Guess I'll have to be back home for Easter. I did find an 'old' lamb mold and gave it to my daughter years ago. what a tradition...of course, my grand daughter thinks I'm nuts! Kinda like the look on Violet's face is what I would get each Easter!

Daughter said...

I agree the jelly bean decor didn't work. Next year I am going to dye the coconut green, but I didn't have any food coloring this year!

elaine said...

I think it looks more like your dog than a Lamb!! That is so fun. My daughter and I always made bunny cakes. They were so goofy. But we had fun and she is now 27 and if we are together at Easter we will still make one.

Anonymous said...

I thought the first cake looked like your sweet dog, too!!


Miracles said...

Violet's expression is priceless! Maggie will perfect the lamb cake as years pass.