Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Violet, The Imposter

Now, there's taking pictures of the grandkids. I get that. I do that. A lot, but I certainly don't
have the creativity to display props that rival Anne Geddes.
This is my girlfriend Barb's newest granddaughter, Violet (somebody copied!!). Here she is posing with baby chicks;
and here she is in semi profile with a backdrop that I have to do in the future. Who would think of peeps in a vase of flowers, and jellybeans!!! And mouth bubbles.
I guess she is getting ready do take care of her herd of sheep?
A girl gets hungry in a photo shoot!
But, in the end the payout is definitely worth a little less tummy time, at least it would be for me!


Frieda said...

Definitely cute.
I'll take the payoff at the end

Anonymous said...

Quite cute of Violet #2.

Looooove the vase idea: if only I can remember it next

Grandbabies always get the deluxe photo shoots.


Miracles said...

Lovely photo shoot and great ideas!