Friday, April 20, 2012

Will The Real Soda Ash Please Stand Up.

I believe that there is something in the 5 gallon bucket that says soda ash that is actually impersonating soda ash. I had this nagging feeling that it was different, what with no smell but I just let it go, thinking that there is no way something is in the container and not be marked appropriately. I have salt in a soda ask container but it is clearly marked as such. Is it possible that I ran out and and used the container for urea and then forgot? That is what my quest is today. G has kindly purchased some new soda ash for me and I am going to try it out. I would love to have this mystery solved.


Miracles said...

Tah dah.....the dyeing mystery begins to be solved. I think it IS soda ash in the container, but it 'turned' ineffective over time and/or Florida humidity. Is that possible? Or, can it be that there's an expiration date for soda ash? You're too much of a pro to screw the process up. I would've given up on the first try.

Mechelle said...

my Soda ash is a powder looks kinda like white powdered laundry soap, where the urea is tiny white balls - hope that helps indentify! (I don't think soda ash goes bad)

Deb said...

I think there is a powdered form of Urea. The first batch I got was tiny balls, but the most recent from ProChem was powdered. Also no, Soda Ash doesn't usually got bad. I've had some for years and I live in NC. It's just fine. If left open it will clump up solid due to humidity and make it hard to use! Can't wait to hear the verdict!