Friday, April 06, 2012

Yes, I Am A Foodie

Last nights dinner, not counting cooking the pasta, took five minutes to make. The pesto in the freezer was nuked to soften and it went in a little saucepan with some chicken stock
to warm, while the scallops seared in a little saute pan. If I had this out at a restaurant I would have had to have a reservation (it's season), change my attire, wait for my scallop main dish to arrive in front of me, and pay a small fortune. My way is so much better!!

Except for the deconstructed caesar salad, my entire Easter meal is coming from one of my very favorite cookbooks that my daughter gave me; Balthazar, a french bistro, that she has gone to in New York. I have made many things out of it and love every single thing. The main course will be braised short ribs along with a hunters sauce with oyster mushrooms. Grilled mascarpone
parmesan polenta and roasted root vegetables. Dessert is to be banana tarte tatin. I think I will make a simple starter like bruschetta or something. I am looking all over the place for hollow chocolate eggs to whip up something special but so far I can't find them. I am gonna make one last ditch attempt today and if I don't find them, well then, it's meant to be.


spikemuffin said...

Something would have been cold too. Leave yourself a nice gratuity!

Anonymous said...

soon to be....Alleluia, yummy menu, Alleluia"

Miracles said...

What about the Easter table decor? Is mum the word?

Miracles said...

You're a foodie, for sure! The scallop/pesto looks delicious.