Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anal, Yeah I Said It

You can always steal my ideas. That's one of the reasons I put them out here!!! We're all friends, right? The wedding invitation idea was not my original idea; I saw it on Pinterest.
I found myself making yet another of them yesterday.  I even have the perfect box
to wrap them in, thanks to my sister who, when she buys things she buys them by the case (most likely because it's much cheaper and free shipping, just like me).  I have enough to last me quite awhile.  While I was getting all the supplies to make the ornament I decided to cut all the ribbons for all the remaining 10 glass balls.
I had the scissors, and the four ribbons right there with the opened ball box so I took an extra two minutes and probably saved myself a half hour over the next couple years.  Is that OCD?  I wonder.

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