Wednesday, May 02, 2012

At The Zoo

There is something about the sun reflecting on one of the sliding glass doors in my studio because four birds have flown
into it and died in the last month.  I didn't have G dispose of it right away because Bella was at the groomer and I didn't have any reason to go out of that door.  Then it started to rain a bit and all of a sudden the bird was gone.  We have no idea what happened to it.  It was a light rain so that wasn't it and the bird was dead for hours so it wasn't that.  G said it must have been a big snake.  Yikes!!
About twenty minutes after the bird disappeared and the rain dried up, I look out the same slider and see two gecko's going at it. I feel like I am living in a zoo!!!!

I am busy getting all my stuff ready for the return north this weekend.  I like to start gathering so that I don't wait until the last minute and then forget something.  All I have to finish before we leave is the 12" block for the fall SAQA auction.  I almost forgot about it!!

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