Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clean Sweep

I was gifted some home made pot scrubbers in Florida right before I came back north. I brought a couple with me and absolutely loved them. I showed them to my sister and sis in law and they immediately said that they had to learn how to make them.

The story of their inception is this.

There we were, in our favorite place on the planet (that isn't a restaurant), Joanns, looking for things to use our 40%off coupon and other things because it was 10% off the entire purchase. On our list of things to buy were blades for the Cricuit, and refills for the Xyron along with goggly eyes, itty bitty pompoms, heart shaped brads and lots and lots of marked down and then 50% off Legacy quilt fabric, all the while looking for the ball of what ever it was that the scour pads were made of. We never found them and were talking about the dilemma when the girl who was cutting the fabric said that it was net that they were made of.  She said you cut the netting in strips of two inches  and use as yarn!!!!
We gathered a bunch of netting (my choice being the darkest; why see junk on the thing after using if you don't have to?) and hustled home to make them.  We tried various sizes and ended up with this for their construction.  You would think that the stuff would be hard on your hands but it is not at all.  It good stuff to watch tv and do.  

Scour Scrunchies

One crochet hook (somewhere between H and K)

Nylon Netting:  I bought 3 yards and cut them in two inch strips the long way.  I figured I could make about nine from that.  If you buy less and have shorter strips, you will just join ends together a little more frequently.

To join the strips, take two pieces and line up one end of each on top of each other, Fold the end over about an inch and make a half inch slit in the center of the fold.  Now line the two slit ends on top of each other with the other ends going in opposite directions so  that the cut ends overlap and the slits line up.  Insert the uncut end of the bottom strip through the slits, entering from the top.  Pull both strips so that the end result is a knot.  You can also just knot the two ends.  Just try and have the ends all on one side as you crochet so it is easier to clean up.  You will need about five strips joined the way that I cut the net.  You can roll it in a ball if you want or you can add on as you need to.

Row 1: Chain 4 – then join with slipstitch to form circle
Row 2: Chain 4 – then 11 double crochet in the center
                            -then join with slipstitch
Row 3: Chain 4 – then 2 double crochet in each dc
Row 4: Chain 4 – then dc in each dc
Row 5: Single crochet in each stitch around
Row 6: Single crochet in each stitch around
Row 7: Single crochet every other stitch until there is
            no opening.  Cut a tail and pull through the last loop to knot.  Stuff all ends inside the finished scrunchie.


Irene said...

I make these double layered. One layer of net, other from cotton yarn. Layer and siingle crochet together. Best part you can make these any size you want. I like BIG scrubbers.

Miracles said...

You are too much, Tommygirl. Leave it to you to figure out how to make the pot scrubbers. I'll take ten in turquoise.
I'd love to be an angel on your shoulder so I can watch you do all you do.

Miracles said...

BTW....I like little ones because of my goofy right hand

Irene said...

I've been making these for a while, but I knit mine. They are the best thing ever for getting bugs off your windshield - not that I do it - but my DH is always complaining that the carwash doesn't get the bugs off, so I gave him one of these to try and he says it works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

You are too much!!!