Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Easy Street

I have not been on Pinterest in a very long time. It's almost like I burnt myself out from it. I tend to want to do every thing that interests me from it and of course that isn't possible and live a normal life so I stepped back for a bit. I went on it for about a half hour yesterday and that seemed to work well. Why I am rambling is that I saw something (actually two things) that I simply have to do. One of them shall remain in my brain alone until a more appropriate time. But this thing? I will share.
This is a clear glass ornament that I purchased at Hobby Lobby at the cost of 12 for $7.99. Inside it I placed slices of a wedding invitation for our nieces wedding. I cut out all the important stuff, like date, names, church, etc. I first curled these strips (starting from the beginning of the line at the top so you don't have to read it backwards) around a pencil, but all the pencils I have are six sided. I wanted a smoother curl so I grabbed a knitting needle and curled the important parts. I opened the top of the ball and slipped them in. I closed the top and added some white, silver, ecru and gold trimmed ribbon on the hanger thingy.

I think it's a wonderful momento for the bride and groom that they can hang on their Christmas tree or HHanukkah bush.  This will be a part of their traditions.  I love this idea and plan to do it for every wedding I am invited to.

There is something else that I have done for many years for young couples that we send wedding gifts to.  Everyone gets a scrap quilt (queen/king) and tucked inside it's folds is an

easy button.  I buy them from Staples by the case.  I don't wrap it or anything because then it would get too complicated.  Right next to the button, cozy in the quilt folds, is an instruction sheet.  It reads as follows, with just the names changed.

Rachel and Julian,

The Easy Button

This little device is to help you as you travel through life together.  Simply follow these directions and you will sail
through married live with ease and comfort.

Step 1.  Identify a difficult situation
Step 2.  Press your Easy Button
Step 3.  Listen to the reassuring message.
Step 4.  Smile and get on with your life.
Step 5.  Repeat as necessary.

Gordon and Tommy Fitzsimmons

I think this is one of my more clever ideas and as far as I can remember, it was my original idea.  I have done it for years and probably at least four times a year a young couple gets my guidance.  Do you know that I can't remember, except once, anyone commenting on it in their thank you or just in conversation.  I think it is the bomb and will continue doing it, even if everyone I know has no sense of humor.  I laugh every time I am taping up the box  and every now and then I turn the box sharply or quickly and I hear 'that was easy'.  I'm laughing (on the inside) now.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea-Easy!!!
Can it work for a 44 year marriage?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! My niece is getting married in the fall, can I use your idea????

Denise in Sacramento