Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Going Postal

I am a little overwhelmed with all the packages, gifts, cards, to deal with not to mention the reinstalling my studio because the tile floor was changed to wood. I am going to do baby steps but want to show you a few of my goodies. By the way, I have the majority of the slice quilts and they are AMAZING!!!!! As soon as I come up for air I will send participants pics before everyone else sees them. We are still hoping for a visit to Houston by our quilts!!!
These are two gadgets that I got from my sis for my big birthday.  She is a fan of the website joseph joseph for cool, out of the norm gadgets.  This top one is a rotary peeler that is first a normal peeler, then you can rotate and get a new blade that will julianne and another that shreds.  She knows I love this stuff.

This other thing she got me was a grater but it folds down to just lie flat and not take up lots of room.  What a brilliant idea.  Check out the website.  I sure am.
Penny, one of the slice quilt participants was a doll and sent me a copy of her current cookbook.  I haven't given it much attention as yet but I certainly will soon!

Gordon brought in the mail (we get out mail at work) and threw this ball at me and said it must be advertising.  I figured he was right and went on to all sorts of other goodies to check out.  Then a little while later I looked again and what do you know!!!!!  Robbie, a slice participant and a cyber friend sent it to me through the regular mail!!!
It appears that the 'Have a Ball' is on the ball already and you can add whatever you want with a permanent marker.  I would like to see my postman juggling a bunch of these balls.  Talk about going postal!!!!


Miracles said...

I love gizmos for the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the postage on the ball was #2.31 - in that e-mail I forwarded yesterday, it said you could mail anything under 13 oz. via first class mail without a box? Did the ball weigh that much more than 13 oz. or was that e-mail really, really old?