Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Good Earth

Since I did the upgrades for the computer I have this spell corrector on everything; that's new to me. I have had it on my phone for texting but my tendency for texting is similar to my wanting to bang my head against a concrete wall; repeatedly. Now I have it in Word, the blog and every other place. I am afraid that I am going to use it unwisely. I tend to not check spelling, counting on my brilliant brain and typing skills to get me through. That may be a thing of the past.

It's that delightful time of year when I can't wait to go outside and dig in the mud in my palatial garden.  Actually my garden consists of five of these  
square planters.  I always think I will like doing the planting but not so much.  I find it even harder to go to the store and get the flowers.  I think about the dirt issue, possible irritants on the floor of my trunk, and just the icky having to haul one of those squeaky, bad wheeled trolleys
around to gather the components for the planters up to the checkout.  This is my haul this year.  I got coral geraniums, little violet snowflake somethings that are very similar to bocapa. I also got a variegated sweet potato vine to trail down the container and a little fern just to be traditional.  I bought this grouping on Monday.  I'm thinking that with watering them a couple times, I can put off the planting for ten days.  I will probably gather enough strength to do it by then.  

Thankfully G does the tomatoes and although I plant the basil (scowling the whole time), G buys it for me.  It's our way of compromising.  Ain't love grand!!!!

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Miracles said...

There was a landscape shop near my home in NY where the customer picked flowers and they made up planters. Then, they delivered. How easy is that?