Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Balls

You can certainly tell that this gift I received was from a fellow blogger. My first clue?
The note on top of the package even before I knew what it was or who it was from.  My friend Kay knows me well.  So, of course, after reading this, my excitement grew.
A gift ball?  What in the world is this?  I have already received a ball in the mail in the last month and it didn't even come in a box.
Okay, the gift ball is out of packaging and this is what it looks like.  I started unraveling.
All in all, all these 'amulets' were secured inside the wound yarn with a lovely key fob in the center.  Kay actually makes these beautiful 'amulets' and has a bowl at the ready for when guests come to her house.  I haven't had the pleasure of visiting her actual home so she did me one better and gave my more than my fair share.  I was tickled pink.
Or should I say, red gold, which is what the ball of yarn looked like when I finished re rolling it.  Kay used her leftover yarn and tied the small pieces together.  I wanted to give her the full credit, but she said she saw the idea on Pinterest.  She was afraid that I had seen the idea myself.  I have been very lax in my Pinterest perusing.  I get too carried away.  It's much like watching tv in the daytime.  I never have the tv on unless I have guests because I get distracted so easily.  I would get nothing done.


Robbie said...

How clever!!! I was lucky enough to pick out one of my own amulets when I had lunch at Kay's house in Florida this winter!!! I can't wait to be invited again (I hope!!!). Aren't they beautiful!! It's so hard to pick one out because they are all so great...nice she got to choose for you!! Enjoy!

Miracles said...

I love surprises