Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hairy Thought

Our internet went out again.  It's been three times in ten days.  It gets very annoying to call Comcast so much.  They are on speed dial.

Yes, I did actually graduate from the school of overdo.
When I finished these headbands for my Violet I actually thought that maybe I didn't hit all the colorways and possibly should make more.  I then immediately slapped myself in the face and quoted Cher from Moonstruck and said 'snap out of it!'


spikemuffin said...

Bobo, the check!

Anonymous said...

I to graduated from the over-do school. Our class motto is: Why just do when you can over-do?

Karen said...

Love the headbands. Would you care to share a brief explanation of how you made them?

Miracles said...