Monday, May 07, 2012

Home Again

It's always very strange to come home after being gone for so long.  Everything feels different and it's almost annoying because your comfort level has left the building.  The drive was uneventful which is always a good thing.  I did something that I never do for part of the drive; nothing.  I don't know why but I didn't feel the need to constantly be entertained by doing something or reading something or listening and doing something.  The sun wasn't harsh and beating down on me and that is always good.  I am one of those travelers that hope for a cloudy day.  Bella got to spend a lot of quality time on my lap.  The temp was in the high 80º's for the whole trip.  From Florida to northwest Indiana, we had just about the same weather. 

G is big on unpacking the car immediately upon arrival.  Me?  not so much.  I just want to go from sitting in the car to sitting on my butt in the studio.  This time was no different.  I first wanted to see if any of the thirty four things on my list of things that need to be tended to while we were gone were done.  Some were completed; the big stuff - new carpeting and new flooring in the studio and laundry room along with resurfacing of the kitchen cabinet fronts.  We had them redone about ten years ago and evidently there were not enough coats on them because the finish was wearing away at the handles on the most grabbed with dirty hands cabinets.  I also had a couple doors that had some 'freezing'?  I think that's what it's called when the surface isn't smooth but rather has a part that shines?  All that stuff looks great.
Other stuff isn't completed which is always the case.  The excuse is always the weather but having a month of mostly eighty degree weather is not gonna work too well this year.  There was barely any snow and all the outside stuff could and should have been done.  G is on the war path.

Safari is not working at all.  I use it almost exclusively and never even thought to use Firefox until G suggested it.  I am guessing that my Scrabble partners are having a hissy fit because I haven't played for lack of access.  Oh well, it gives me time to unpack as well as pack up my Silent Auction SAQA donation and get it on it's way.  I have a couple of wedding quilts that need to go into the mail also.  We have two weddings in the next month.  I'm back in the real world!!!!

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Miracles said...

K, settle in and pack to come back home, here!