Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Mom's Weekend

I thought I would share some eye candy with you while I drone on this morning.
I want to take that little face and eat it up. I talked to Maria last night and she told me that she and Violet (bad english, but I don't care!)wore the dresses I brought them from Florida yesterday. I am dying for a picture. They were the same dress only obviously different sizes and the baby's was coral with grey embellishments and Maria's was grey with coral. They were from that same trunk show of the company from Spain which is Flamenco. Internet has been on the fritz for a couple days. My sister Mike got here Thursday morning and we have been cranking out stuff. There's been some quilt piecing, Cricuit cutting, heavy thinking (working on the slice quilt) and watching the Food Network while pretty much laughing until our sides hurt. G is fishing with my brothers in Minnesota (yeah, why? when we had a perfectly manageable little boat and water in our back yard for the last 4 1/2 months? Guys!) My quilt buddies, Anne and Peggy are coming for a day visit. I think I will take them to a quilt store in the next town that has moved locations. I plan on serving them the Pasteles I made with my BFF Millie in Florida to see how they like my Puerto Rican cooking skills. Maybe a little salad on the side and my day will be complete! Happy Mother's Day Weekend! I just looked at this blog post and my paragraphs aren't showing, I can't seem to make permanent the left side margins. and half the time the tool bars of how to change it aren't even available. I will muddle through this but why can't they just leave stuff alone?

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Miracles said...

Of course, let me know what they say about your pasteles. Did your daughter have them yet? I'm getting out my old die cuts to make cards.....all by myself during the week.