Monday, May 14, 2012

Ladies Lunch

We had a delightful weekend. I hope you all did too and were surrounded like I was by adoring offspring and ladened with treasures and breakfast in bed. Too bad Mothers Day isn't a season like my birthday is!!! Ha ha. So I embellished a bit. I love a bit of drama.

This is a sign that I will have to recreate and put it right beside the sign on top of it that is always on my design wall.  When I first started dyeing fabric I never wanted to cut into it and so I had to place a reminder right in my face to remind me that I can always get or dye more!

After a jaunt to a neighboring town's quilt shop, the girls came back to my kitchen for some delightful food my sis put together while I was fussing with boiling water to cook the Pasteles for lunch.
Canned champagne was followed with a lovely appetizer of 

triscuits and cheddar
and a bowl of pork rinds.  They didn't go over as well as I had hoped.
To kill time while the Pasteles were boiling for 50 minutes, I whipped up a salad of what I thought might have a Puerto Rican feel.  I used mixed greens, black beans, corn, olives, diced tomatoes and a vinaigrette.
Everyone loved the Pasteles.  Thank you for teaching me how to make them MM.  I should have taken a picture of the girls unwrapping them and then a lovely untouched picture of them before the eating started but I looked up and they were half eaten!!!!  Okay, not the most appetizing picture in the world.
This lunch is definitely one that needs a garbage bowl.  With each Pastele wrapped in a uneatable banana leaf and wrapped in paper and string, the garbage bowl fills up fast.  

We were stuffed.  No dessert for us.

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Miracles said...

I found two pasteles in the freezer from the first batch we made. Guess what I'm having for dinner!

You have enough fabric to clothe a village. Oh, wait....two villages....if you add up the floor to ceiling wall of fabric you have in your home up north and down here!