Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Livin' On The Edge

This gal likes to live on the edge.  At sixteen months old, every step she takes looks like it is gonna end in some sort of head trama but then, it seems to work for the V. We have two steps on the main floor of the house that we all congregate at and Violet manages to park herself within an inch or so of those steps, sometimes with the butt hanging over and she didn't once take a tumble.

This is the first time this year that Violet has crossed the Illinois state line and so sleeping somewhere other than her own bed has been a challenge.  She decided that she had enough sleep and so got up at five a.m. yesterday.  Parents?  Not so happy.  She didn't exhaust herself enough until almost noon and then, to try and salvage some sort of a schedule, Maria and Peter woke her up after three hours of napping.  

This is what came out of that nap.  Apparently someone decided to get her ready to be cast in a new baby version of 'Annie'.

She would make a perfect homeless waif, don't you think?  You couldn't replicate this hairdo if you tried.  And that vacant  'Why did you wake me up' stare.  I know her parents are actors but I definitely see a star in the rising.   

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Miracles said...

Violet is not her GLAM self in this photo shoot.