Friday, May 04, 2012

'Pie In The Sky'

Blogger has been very difficult since it changed a bunch of stuff. I have written the same thing more than a dozen times this morning and am growing very weary. I have now decided to type in Word and cut and paste and see if that works.

I had a lovely birthday and don’t plan on ending it just because the actual birth date has come and gone. I normally have a birthday season. Why not, because who’s gonna stop me? We had a lovely dinner with friends and best yet, we have leftovers from it for today. Yeah!!!

We are packing up to go north tomorrow. It’s not a major thing to do because I don’t cart clothes and shoes and anything like that back and forth. Just the stuff like the computer, camera, dog, G and the like. With blogger being on the blink and the fact that I always have difficulty posting on the road, I think I will give up the ghost and forget trying to blog for the next two days.

I have managed to finish the last thing I wanted to complete before I left. It’s this 12” block for the SAQA Benefit Auction that has been running each fall for several years.
It is called ‘Pie In The Sky’ and is a whole cloth glue resist quilt. The deadline is in June so I needed to get it done. When I get home I will have my hands full getting the group faced and sleeved and photographed so that we can possibly make it into the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. I can't wait to see the slices of the quilt that await me when I get home!!!!


Miracles said...

I cried all the way home. I miss much already.

Robbie said...

I see they tried to deliver my 'slice' yesterday and left notice! sorry..I should have mailed it one day later so you would get it on Monday! hope you had safe travels!

Robbie said...

Actually, I see where something else I sent you was delivered! So you should have two 'items' when you arrive home!