Saturday, May 19, 2012

Side By Side

First off, thank you Melody Johnson for your endless help on stuff 'over Tommy's head'. I spent the good part of a day on learning how to place pictures side by side and here is the proof that sticktoitevness sometimes works.  This is the way to showcase the 'slices'.  Enjoy this; I had the pleasure of manhandling them for almost two weeks, out of love of course!!!
This first one (these are not in the order of the original photo.  That's just asking waaaaay to much of me) is Kay's and she chose to use the modern art of photo copying some of her piece, hence the car that is unquestionably better than I could have done in my wildest dreams!
Suzie did this one.  I love the detail she added to the house.  I have a feeling there was a little fabric sharing because she has the same commercial tree fabric as the slice next to hers.  That is completely fair game.  We have no rules as to how each person makes their piece.  It just has to somewhat match the placement on the original picture and not be so dense that I can't do the finish work on it.
Anne did a bang up job on her piece.  We were comparing our slices and realized that we had an almost identical stitch in our grass area.  Great minds think?  Well, she does anyway!
Mary Ann was worried that the antenna was no good so she tacked it on and left me the choice of keeping it or chucking it.  It is made with thread work on some filmy stuff and is stunning.  It's one of the best parts of her slice if I could even fathom  picking a favorite.

This is mine.
Gayle does such a wonderful job in free motion trees and things that this was the perfect block for her.  She was the perfect neighbor for my block.  And she has a Violet too so what could be better!
I can't believe how Judy captured the ground coverings here.  I is spectacular.  I am sure the statue right in front of the door was a problem for her but everything looks great.  The original photo was her DIL's.
This is Penny's slice.  She did some clever things on her piece and I particularly like the fact the she kept the selvage on her roof fabric, adding to the look of the branches behind the house.  These girls are so smart!
Irene did a wonderful job on her slice to begin with, and that's even without knowing that she was just out of a cast for her broken arm.  Ya know, if there's a will, there's a way.  Great job.
And last but definitely not least is Robbie's slice.  I hope you can click on hers and see the detail.  The car door handles are beads as well as the light on the pole.  Her bush is made with thread bundling on her sewing machine.  I would show you it in her blog but I am so scared of loosing these side by side pictures that I won't leave the computer from right where I am.

I hope you enjoy checking out the beginning to the end.  I sure did.


Irene said...

These are amazing, awesome, imaginative and I love them all! They are certainly worthy of a ribbon - good luck!

Anonymous said...


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I have to say "So many of them were better than the originals - amazing.

Miracles said...

Unbelievable.....I want a quilt of the doors of Old San Juan

Miracles said...

Rich is asking me a million questions about this quilt and I don't have the answers.

Bonnie said...

WOW! I am sure there will be a ribbon hanging on that quilt soon.

Nancy said...

Wonderful effort... all that detail and creativity.