Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tucked Away

I was walking down a normal street in Chicago, on the way back from the park with Maria and Violet and was more than a little surprised to see something you don't normally see in the city. In between two buildings was a wonderland of 'stuff'. This little area wasn't bigger than ten feet if that.
It kinda reminded me of a yard sale that was staged to be attractive.
I don't know if you can zero in on some of the things in here if you click because I took these pictures with my phone camera but there are crazy things in here.  Yes, straight ahead is a bikini clad sculpture.  There are sayings and flowers and
lots of crazy heads.  I could not stop looking at it.  I think I would like to hang with whoever created this play land.  Or, on second thought
maybe I could just visit them wherever they are having treatment.  Property in Chicago normally isn't used for such things when you could probably put a high rise in the space!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loved that bathtub planter!

Denise in Sacramento