Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Windy City

My mini Mac meltdown has settled a bit. Yesterday I left first thing in the morning and went into Chicago to see
my sweet little Violet and
to take her and her mom out to lunch.  Notice that she is sporting one of her new headbands that Grandma made for her.
I brought her a few little outfits I purchased at a spanish clothing line
 trunk show.  They were a little different than baby clothes you see every day.  Now I don't think she is trying to see what I paid for them (she'll never figure it out anyway; the prices are in euros!!!) but more likely she is trying to see if it's size 18 months, because that is the size that's coming up next.   

Violet's mom, Maria, as she now calls herself (G has always introduced himself to anyone as Tommy's husband!) just so happened to have an commercial audition yesterday morning so it was perfect timing.  I got to spend quality time with the little lady and Maria could take off and not worry.  When she returned we went to a lovely lunch and then hit the local park which is fast becoming V's favorite place.  When she saw us walking toward it she started to giggle in delight!  She is a very cautious little girl and takes care to go up and down the various stairs and slides.  She is still 'toddling' and looks as cute as a button walking around her park.

I left them after the baby was down for her nap and headed over to a relatively new Apple Store in the neighborhood that I lived in when I lived in Chicago, called Lincoln Park.  I was very comfortable, knowing the area as well as I do.  I went in the shiny glass 
and steel building with lots of rehearsed excuses why I was in there, looking for assistance without having an appointment with the Genius Bar.  I played the old lady/lives in Indiana/just came in the city at the last minute to babysit.  I think I only needed to say I was incompetent  and one of those people that just try and muddle through without reading any directions or doing the necessary research.
I was there for two and a half hours.  My problem was mostly that I haven't updated for a long time; I've done the stuff that comes up on the system that tells me that updates are waiting but I seriously didn't know that you needed to update the whole system, with an update called Snow Leopard.  That is what took so long.  I was left with other things to update at home, including Mac OS Lion (which updates most of the applications on my computer) and an iPhoto update.  Now every program looks different and I have a whole new learning curve with each of these changes.  I am going to be a grownup and go slow and figure it out.  I am also going to take a couple classes, one for sure being figuring out this iCloud, which I haven't a clue other than all my stuff would be floating?  Something like that.

I had no intention of being gone so long and so leaving the city during rush hour put brutal time on my commute.  I ended up having to call Bella's doggie day care and have them feed her and board her for the night.   I couldn't make it back any time near the closing time.  She's still there, because I may as well add a few more hours to her misery and have her bathed!!  She's gonna kill me!!


Karen said...

Wow, talk about having a full day. Glad you found out the info you needed to get your Mac up to speed. And Violet, well, nothing needs to be said. She is just the cutest!

Anonymous said...

You DO have the cutest granddaughter!!!!!

Miracles said...

Violet is growing up to be quite the fashionista.
When you figure out that iCloud, let me know about it.
I understand all your devices will sync at once when you download. I'm so far behind tech stuff that I may not even be articulating well what I'm thinking.

Gayle from MI said...

What a cutie! Sounds like you have been in tech hell! I didn't used to do updates either because they made me nuts when they changed all my stuff. I didn't realize how important they were until our computer just shut down completely one day and the guy we had come out to fix it went ballistic when I told him I never say yes to updates. HA!