Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Before I went to culinary school I didn't know what a shallot was.  I don't know why, now that I think of it but that's the truth.  My mom must have never used them.  Just like olives, I never had an olive until I went to a dinner at G's family home, when we were dating/engaged.  To this day, any family member in G's immediate siblings, always have a bowl of black olives on the table, just like his mom did. I am guessing that my parents didn't care for them.  I only like black olives.  Wow, how programed we are!!!  Back to shallots.  We used them a lot in school and looking back on it now, I am rather surprised because they are a bit pricey and
in many dishes don't make much difference than using a regular onion.  There is one recipe that is my daughters favorite that calls for lots of shallots and I got a request for them from her so I headed to the store to stockpile them.


Okay, the shallot on the bottom is one that I already had in my pantry.  To the left of the bottom shallot is a quarter to show you the size of a 'normal' shallot, or rather what I have used for twenty years.  The shallot on the top is the size that they were when I went to the store on Sunday.  Shallots on Steroids.  When I make Hot and Spicy Pasta I usually buy 30 or so shallots (you know I never just make one dinner).  I had to re calculate my amount to account for these mega onions.  Have you ever seen them this big?  It's not like there were two big ones and all the others were 'normal' size.  They were all big.  But unless I grow another arm, they seemed to be exactly the same as the little ones and the recipe didn't taste any different.   And no, I was so shocked at the appearance of these shallots that I didn't even notice the price.  Duh.

No more cooking for me.  The studio has been neglected for several days and I can't find a thing, the counters are so full of crap.  Agenda today?  This morning?  Clean the Studio before I do anything else.  Well, I need some more coffee and a stroll on the beach, but after that, for sure.  Oh, and there is a visit to the library that I have been promising myself.  Nope, just the coffee.  The beach and library will be there this afternoon.  There!


Regina said...

I never had a shallot (that I know of) until a few years ago. I think they are quite different in taste than an onion, I like them better. Everything is too big these days. Have you seen the size of potatoes??????? Good God

Miracles said...

I think you're slackin'....get crackin'

Miracles said...
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