Saturday, June 02, 2012

Drowning May Flowers

Lunch and girlfriend shopping yesterday was a bit sketchy in the rain but we managed all right, even with one broken umbrella and a shared seatbelt.  I came home with the most (gee, that's odd) because I was on a mission to get some replacement dresses for the ones in Florida.  Normally I don't carry clothing back and forth but for some reason I took some stuff down south with me, and upon arriving home I realized my stockpile on one piecers was critically low.  When I think back I had done a major Goodwill purging and that's the cause.  To the rescue came H & M, Kohls, Target and Marshalls for some seasonal disposable clothing. I need to wear daytime stuff that I don't stress about if I get a drop of dye on it.   Of course, I didn't try on because I didn't want to hold up the party so I may be retracing my steps some time in the next week.

 The biggest hit of the day was my new summer purse.  I bought this Home Dec fabric when it was 50% off and got enough to make two purses.  I got lining fabric, interfacing, grommets and cut out all the makings for two purses in Florida and brought them up north for a sister/sister craft.  I didn't care which one I made so I let my sis decide on her first choice.  On Monday when the company started dwindling away, we started our purse making.  

Mike chose the beige, turquoise and I ended up with the blue (my secret first choice!).  We had already used this pattern and made large tote bags in Florida.
and recalled that we had some problem reading the directions before and sure enough, we had the same difficulty again.  This time tho', I wrote down the correct wording so next time we won't have the same issue.  And I know we will be making them again.  They are wonderful and you can make it to fit your own purse uses.
Mike and I both customized the inside and outside.  I have outside pockets for my iPhone and another for my car key.  Inside has spots for frequently used cards (with no velcro) and rarely used cards (velcro closure).  I have a long thin pocket for pens, nail files and lipstick (I use the long two step ones).  It's a perfect purse.  After a rainy day it still brightened my spirits.  I stopped at JoAnn's and got purse feet so it wouldn't have to touch the floor.  Who said I wasn't thoughtful?

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Irene said...

I made one of those at a class a couple of years ago, but I made the large one and find it too big for what I want it for. Like you, when I went to make another, I find the instructions less than user friendly. Of course, when we did it in the class, we didn't use the instructions at all, so that didn't help. I hope I can figure it out as I bought quite a few packages of grommets and I want to use them up!