Friday, June 29, 2012

Food, Glorious Food

I realized yesterday that I don't like to 'make dinner'.  I actually verbalized this one day this past winter but it just now really sunk in.  I love to cook for company or a party but except for a simple grill dinner (and G always does the grilling) I don't like to make dinner.  It seems silly with all the massive cooking I do, but I now know why.  By the time dinner prepping and preparing time comes around at the end of the day, I am pretty much out of gas.   Also, I don't like to make a kitchen mess just for a plain ole' every day dinner.  So, although I love to share my frozen delicacies, I love to have food on hand if I just don't want to bother.  

The top pic is the taco soup.  It's a little to liquid to use zip locks to freeze it in so I
put them in the ziplock reusable containers that I buy in bulk when they are on sale.   The pot of taco soup was devoured last night by me and G and Mike.  We topped it off with cheese, and taco chips and sour cream.
My turkey chili is thick enough that I can bag it.  I place the freezer ziplock in a tumbler to make for clean bagging.  Then I place them on a cafeteria tray flat to freeze.
My white chicken kale chili (you can also use swiss chard or spinach for the greens) is soupier than the turkey chili so it too needs
plastic ware for freezing.  I made Violet's three layers for her half birthday cake and they are flash frozen and well wrapped for finishing up on the 4th.  
My traditional 4th of July fare for giving out are mini red velvet cupcakes.  I ended up making one hundred and forty two.  Yeah, I counted.  
All of these recipes are on my food blog, Tommy Cooks except for the birthday cake recipe and that's because this is the first time I have made it and it needs to pass the taste test.  But I gotta say, the dough was delish!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you just pass the cupcakes out to people on the beach? They look yummy!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You are manking me hungry----
I don't want to mess up my kitchen either!

Miracles said...

Now, I get're not up for cooking dinner in the evening after creating all day. I've seen on Pinterest where some people cook in bulk for 8 hours at a time and freeze a month's worth of meals for a family of four. Their rationale is less to do on a nightly basis! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

How in the name of God can you cook, bake and clean up when it was just posted that Katie and Tom Cruise are divorcing after their lifetime marriage of 5 years is over! I mean I'm taking to my bed! How can love like that end? Send me a damn cupcake!
Aunt Claudia

Cindra said...

OMG! I love you Aunt Claudia and I feel bad for your pain. I was convinced it was a contract marriage and the five years fulfills it.

Tommy, it must be cooler up there because I couldn't cook that much soup in 104 degree temps.

Irene said...

Claudia, you are hilarious! Tommy, I don't like to make dinner either so maybe I just need to come to your house :-)