Sunday, June 03, 2012

Helpful Tips

I did lots of cooking yesterday until I had to get groomed for an evening out. I smelled like garlic.  Once again I got to put into use a fantastic tip I got from Pinterest.
Instead of actually pulling apart several pork tenderloins, I used the paddle on the Kitchenaid to do the work for me.  It's amazing how well it works.  If there is any silverskin or any not wanted part of the tenderloin, the paddle just ignores it and you can just remove it.  This saves tons of wear and tear on the hands.

Also, when I was at Sur La Table to get my beloved Madagascar vanilla, I happened by a
a little gadget that supposedly peels garlic .  It's this silicone tube and it really works.

I asked the sales gal if it worked and she said yeah so I went for it.  I originally chose a green one and she steered me to a sale table with the same product only it was three bucks cheaper because it was not the current seasons color.  I am not saying it gets every single peel off but it does a stand up job.  You just place the garlic cloves inside and roll the tube with the palms of your hand.  Who thinks of these things?

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Miracles said...

Show us what you're making with the pork.