Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HillBilly Heaven

We Laugh At The Dumbest Jokes
Put Up With Each Others
Worst Moods
Go Along With The Craziest Ideas
thats what makes the most
best friends

This was sent to me by my BFF Micky this morning.  We had a great evening together last night.  There was a little shopping involved and I just loved these jelly jars that have a wine glass base 

and they are called RedNeck Goblets.  I probably have 150 wine glasses in the house but I was sorely tempted to get these.  So far, I have not caved.

I have all the current measurements  for little Violet so I thought I would get busy

and make her some new, larger bloomers.  I just counted them and realized that I thought I had made a dozen but I am missing one.  Oh, I just figured it out,  that the 12th one was indeed made but it goes with her 4th of July outfit I am making and so was not included with these.

As of this month, I will have direct deposit social security moola.  It's the first money I have earned in a very long time!!!


Susan Turney said...

Tommy, are you watching HGTV Design Star this season? It seems like I remember you blogging about it last year. It's sooo good. Tuesday nights.

The wine jars would be such a fun gift with homemade jelly inside.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thank of that Socail Security Moola as your monthly allowance!!!
Spend it recklessly............

Zizophora said...

Tommy, love your blog. You could totally make those goblets. You make everything else! :) Just use glass glue to attach candlesticks (from dollar store or Waterford, your choice) to jars.

Miracles said...

Mickey is a darling!
A girl can't have too many bloomers!

Gayle from MI said...

I still have five to eight years to go for SS. Depending on what happens to it in the mean time :( So for me it's Hi Ho Hi Ho.....