Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Part Three

Every day I marvel at how smart Bella is.
Here she is with her cousins; she is holding up the rear.  When they hear a dog bark they all go nuts and rush to the door to be let out only to stay for a few seconds and then want back in.  

That's not why I think she is smart. It's the verbal instruction I give her each day and the knowledge that she knows each and every thing I am saying.    I tell her to leave me alone and go lay down and she does.  If she is barking her head off at someone that dares to walk on her beach, I tell her to take a time out so I don't get a headache and she stops.  When we play ball she gets a treat (a 3 calorie Charley Bear kibble)every other throw starting with one after the first retrieval .  The turns that she gets a treat she is lightning fast.  The non treat times she is much slower and sometimes stops to look out the door. She has never done that on a treat round.  I have pretended to get a treat ready on a non treat round and I can't fool her.  She isn't looking for anything that I am doing; she can just count.  She is brilliant!

Face book has changed and I had to set a new password and now the Scrabble lead is no longer on my home page.  It's always something.

Here is the last of the tryptic.  
The unveiling of the finished piece will be tomorrow.  I like the suspense!!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I hae to agree that Bella is smart, special, cute, lovable and all those great characteristics that are desirable in a dog. I even told me kids they could get me a dog from the same breeders as Bella and trained like she was.
So far no dog!

Miracles said...

Bella La Bella, is always so well groomed. I love the pack of cousins picture. Amazing.....that 3 piece quilt in a week!

dee said...

A little furry ball of genius. Love that Pup!
The colors in this new piece are very yummy.