Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Process

These quilts I am in the process of doing are going together pretty fast. It's probably because the design is relatively simple and the pieces aren't real small.
This photo shows you how I actually place the shapes on the background.  There is the original blown up pattern taped under this on the window.  This stage shows all the components in their place but the dark blue has yet to be sewn down.  That light color on the light blue between the two dark blues shows the light coming through because I have taken only part of the freezer paper pattern piece off the back side.

These are the three parts to the triptych.  They are bigger than they will eventually be.  The finished size of each will be around 22" x 40".  I extended all the edges so that there would be enough left over to stretch over a wooden frame so that's probably why they look strange next to each other.  Hopefully they will run smoothly from one to the other once they are pinned, quilted, stretched and stapled.   Today I will start with the first one.


Gayle from MI said...

Ah ha! Now I see why my piece was skinny! I only added 1/4". I should have added an inch or more on each side so you had more to play with.

Miracles said...

Can't wait to see another Tommy masterpiece finished